ashley .aqui.

I find a tremendous amount of beauty in irregularity and repetition and I focus on this in my work. Everyone has their imperfections and finding ways to take those imperfections and give power to them is something that is both bold and beautiful. By making all of my jewelry by hand and hammer I have played on the idea of embracing imperfection. I've had a little help along the way, but most everything I know I have taught to myself or learned how to do from reading various jewelry making books. I have a huge passion for jewelry, metals, and design and I also love the idea of creating something beautiful out of nothing.
I classify my jewelry with a term I made up: one-of-a-mind.. and like to think that the people who wear it are free thinking, unique individuals who refuse to be sheep..A person who knows who they are, knows they're not perfect, but embraces their imperfections and lives in the beauty of just being alive. A person who wears my jewlery is a person who refuses to die a copy.