.you were born an original, don't die..

...a what?

I'm hoping if you have been to my blog before you know that the answer to this is ... a COPY! I have built the tiny design/jewelry business that I have today on that whole quote.. and the worst thing about design is how hard and expensive it is to protect it. This was something we talked about a lot in design school and it's a huge HUGE issue in the jewelry design and metalsmithing world. There is pretty much no way to protect your work, ideas, concepts, etc from being stolen.. and it sucks! I've started to feel like I really have to protect my work.. not because I think it is so amazing that the whole world wants to steal it.. but because it's mine. This is my passion, whether it is good or not, this is what I have built myself around, it's what I'm excited about, it's what I have started to eat, sleep and dream about.

The most frustrating part is that there are endless possibilities in design. So please tell me, WHY? Why does anyone have to copy anything!? Not even a full design, but even just the good ideas, the aesthetic, the technique?.. I really do try my very hardest to avoid a cool idea when I SEE one. It is someone elses, it is their baby..not mine, and if I want it, I should respect the artist and buy it, not try to do what they're doing, to use what they're using..

It's the principle, and I have definitely found myself in this situation before. So please, fellow artists.. please respect.