.peek into my world.

I've been a little irresponsible updating my blog lately... I have been so busy with Chirstmas and holiday orders that I haven't had time to share what I'm doing with you. Many people ask me where I do all of my work.. so I figured I'd give you all a little sneak peek of one of my favorite places to be, my studio!
I think I've almost outgrown this space... but I seem to manage fitting a lot of things in one tiny place. I also have another bench in my garage where I do my soldering and keep my belt sander and vulcanizer. It's a beautiful thing :D

oh.. and this also isn't unlikely to see in my studio (and yes that is my real dog (indy) sitting on my bench.. he LOVES watching me work, especially in the garage).. and if you look at earlier posts you'll see that he gets wear against the grain jewelry as well. Dog tag style!