.getting classy.

That's right! Another resin class this weekend taught by yours truly at the Mesa Center for the Arts! My class was almost canceled, but we got 2 last minute students.. for a total of 4, and I am a happy teacher :) Here are all the details! >Pictures to follow!

Mold Making and Casting for Resin Jewelry


Mar 13 - Mar 14, 2010
Days: Saturday and Sunday
Start time: 9am
End time: 5pm
Ticket Price: $160

Instructor: Ashley Weber

* Learn to create rubber molds and use pre-made molds to cast rings, earrings, bangles and pendants.
* Add three-dimensional, sculptural aspects to your work by molding and casting found objects and pre-exiting pieces of jewelry.
* Add interest to your jewelry by using pigments, encapsulating memorabilia, etc. into your pieces.
* Material kit will be available in class for purchase.

CAW10JW005-01 SA/SU Mar 13 & 14 9am-5pm $160