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So, after talking to a girl in my group, PHX DIY, about her newly opened etsy vintage shoppe.. I just couldn't stop thinking.

Lately been feeling OBSESSED with mid century modern design. I've been buying new furniture and decorations and I am excessively searching the internet/antique stores/thrift shops for perfect mid century items and ideas. I also keep thinking about minimalism, though I'm not obsessed with it, I'd like to personally be closer to it. I am so tired of the disgusting amount of material possessions that I own and have been "good willing" a LOT lately...

So, with that being said, I have to do it. I can't keep all of these amazing things I see everywhere that I have such fun finding (or I'll be right back where I am now...with all this stuff.. so I'll find them for others!

against the grain vintage.
Items found by me, for your mid modern/retro needs.

opening soon.

...oh, and of course new matching shop banners