.skill collector.

Forget Barbie dolls or Pokemon cards.. I'm on a mission to collect skills. Because as Napoleon the great.. Dynamite said it best.. girls like guys with skills.
On a more serious note, I just want to know everything. I never thought I could be so deeply interested and obsessed with metal. It has taken over my mind, and until I know how to metalsmith, blacksmith, weld, electroform, enamel, pierce, rivet, hammer, set.. you name it, to the best of my ability, I will not stop... I'll just move onto glass, print and fiber, wood and furniture building.. ooo and painting and drawing and ceramics.
I wanna be a renaissance man.
I just signed up for raising and sinking vessels for seven weeks every Tuesday night and Electroforming copper on metal for seven weeks every Thursday night. They both start next week and I'm so excited to show you what I end up doing with the two.
Stay tuned.