.knock em dead.

...no but seriously, if you hit someone with this mammoth-sized ring you probably would.

I am smitten with how the etching on this ring came out! A fellow student at the art center taught me a new way to etch (it wasn't working so well for me before) and I couldn't be happier with the results!.. ok maybe just a tiny bit, but this is AWESOME! Plus, practice makes perfect and this was my first try, so get off my back, alright?

So anyways.. running with the design of my hidden potential ring of one larger band coming off (and appearing to float) off of a smaller band, (which holds the ring stable on your finger) I etched my against the grain plants, added a peridot, and BAM! now I can kick your ass.

My favorite part about this series of rings? People at stores restaurants, etc... asking me, "how the heck is that ring staying on your finger?" Exactly what I wanted, buddy you fell into my trap. Who doesn't love wearing conversation starters? I do! :)

Oh and btw, it's shockingly SUPER comfy so you can stop asking yourself that now.