.7 dollar steal.

I love when thrifting pays off, even when a little work is involved... and boy was it. Hello 1980's? WHAT was this person thinking? Gold? Seriously? I understand painting and changing things to fit in your house (that's awesome), but I'm sorry unidentified thrift store donor, your taste is sour... and to paint a tulip table!? (I don't even care that it's a knock off, that is just a sin. Consider yourself hell-bound... before you go apologize to Eero Saarinen.

Step 1: make amazing $7 purchase
Step 2: buy paint stripper and apply to base
Step 3: cover with saran wrap to keep stripper moist (for way too long- gross thick thick gold)
Step 4: strip. strip. strip.
Step 5: (in my case) apologize for not finishing it before having to place it in family room to see just how great it matches ;)     

Finished photo will be added soon...after some bondo work and a nice, fresh coat of paint.