.do you know what time it is?

Well, maybe you don't, but you'll sure as heck know what day it is... next year. (Don't worry about this year.. it's almost over and no one cares anymore...test it, don't show up to work tomorrow. Your boss won't even notice....
If you get fired, it's not my fault, you just have a crappy boss who wants you to show up to work when (s)he is paying you to be there. Lame!) 

This first image is a great Etsy treasury of all calendars, including mine :) 
etsy treasury by psyboom

The second, an adorable blog by Gina Hief (www.ginahief.wordpress.com). She featured my 2011 Calendar today as a great gift for an acquaintance or coworker, which is pretty much perfect because that's how I advertised it when I was telling my sister that I was thinking about making one... anyways, her blog makes her seem super cute with great taste so even if you're not into the "Holiday Gift Guide" stuff, read the rest of it.