.hello edith.

I made this "edith" spoon a looong time ago when I found the spoon at an antique store. I have no idea who Edith is,, but I felt like erasing her name from the spoon would just be so wrong... the spoon would have no story- it would just be another crappy spoon. So here she is, with me everyday.. for the past 5 years. I hope she wasn't some crazy old cat woman. I like to envision her as a funky old gal, who was sarcastic and cursed like a sailor. Though, I don't think a woman like that would put her name on her silverware. Anyways, since then, so many people have loved it that I have had many people send me in either a found spoon or a spoon of their mothers or grandmothers (i.e. the one next to Edith). Now, I've also never seen someone make a spoon bracelet this way... EVER so if I see you making it- I WILL come after you! ;)  Happy Monday!

On another note, if you think I should stop using my heinous, 1960's, geld fleck counter top as a background for my photos... I agree. Gross. Why have I done that so much? Maybe I will make that my new years resolution, which, in translation means many many more gold fleck pictures to come!