.midcentury mobile.

Saw it. Loved it. Bought it. Can't wait to see it in my house. www.celestialvisions.etsy.com You will see the pictures as soon as it's here, I can promise you that. Anyways, handmade by Mr. Stu Hughes in Vancouver. I have to say I'd love to see a tour of Stu's house after seeing those great shelves, clip board and mounted ruler int he background.

I must also admit I am also head over heals for this whale mobile...maybe I'm having mobile fever.. I hear it's a serious disease... after all, after seeing this mobile, it almost lead me to buy a $250 mobile for a child that I don't even own. What's the age limit for having a plushie mobile above your bed? Alas, I just don't have that much cash to spend... nor child to spend it on (lets reinforce the no child thing).
Whale mobile by www.ERGOgoods.etsy.com  Beautiful. Maybe one day little narwhal. OH, that's it! It's a narwhal obsession.