.m7 review.

Sad to say, the m7 street fair was pretty much a bust for just about everybody... except maybe that sliced potato on a stick food guy. At least I made up my booth fee plus a little more... that's whats important... oh and that I am just that much closer to loving my booth. With just a few more tweaks I think I'll be right where I wanna be. Thank you to my mom for never baking cupcakes and allowing me to destroy her pan to make a new earring display... and thank you to Austin for making it for me! It was a huge hit.. not one customer walked by without commenting on how cute and fabulous I was.. I mean, it was. Dangit. Also, earrings on EARRING CARDS! What a concept! Actually, I have had them on cards before, I just couldn't ever think of a cute not-on-a-rack or laid-out-on-the-table way of displaying them. Untillll nooowww! Tiny little clothes pins and a piece of thick leather cord = clipped up and cute! See them up above my table? Clipped up in all their majesty. Ha, alright I'm done. Just check out the pics. Oh, and comment if you have anything nice to say.