.pressure makes diamonds.

As I was stressing and prepping for a street fair this Saturday my mom reminded me of something very true, "pressure makes diamonds," and it stuck. Every single time I prepare for a show I go into this crazy woman jewelry making freak, but probably, in a less than effective way (at least when it comes to trying to produce a lot of things in a very small amount of allotted time.) You would think I would just make a lot of inventory in the things I make everyday, the popular things, the things already cut and measured, the things I don't need to think about... I do the opposite. Drawings and ideas and dreams and sketches and new tools and experiments.. but also, I feel that every single time, that craziness turns into something new and fabulous that I know I can just never do without again... in my jewelry line that is. Last night, that pressure did exactly what my mom told me it does, it made a diamond. My new, "leaves of change" collection.
.leaves earrings.
.leaves pendant.