.hello, tampa.

Wednesday, I am super excited to say, I will be meeting my best friend for a getaway. We are off to Tampa, Florida to stay with my amazing aunt and lay on the beautiful, warm beaches. Now, my aunt is the best yardsaler in the entire world. She has such an amazing collection of antiques in her house like you couldn't even believe. Curiosity took me to craigslist to see what Tampa had to offer, and now, well frankly, I'm pissed. I can't even begin to describe how jealous I am of their craigslist... and how upsetting it is that you can't bring home a couch on a plane. Take a look- and just so you understand how amazing the deals are, this sofa is listed at only $160!! Yea, seriously ONE SIXTY!.. oh and to make me feel worse.. it was on there at $170 a week before...and NO ONE jumped on that??? Sickening. I would die for you couch... just so you know that,  I would die for you.