.dear mom.

If you lose this, I will kill you. Seriously.

Here is my mommy's Mother's Day gift this year. Each link of this painful, handmade chain has four solder points, the bezel has copper inlay for fun and the beach rock in the center was picked up by her from one of our most favorite places that we found while traveling through Italy.

This is a more touristy beach (which is not where we collected the rocks.) The rocks were collected on a tiny, scrubby beach a little past this one filled with a messy assortment of small boats, leather skinned, local sun-bathers, and my parents dogs poop (jk we cleaned it up, I promise).. must have been nice to excrete on a beach in Italy though, do you think they remember that?

Alright, I'm done.

It was such a beautiful place and an amazing trip... truly unforgettable.