.a new imagination.

When silver prices began soaring, my little hearts pitter patter patted a pitty patter... And once it starting hitting prices from $45-$50 dollars an ounce, I knew it was time to take a little detour. It was time to follow a slightly new direction and it encouraged some really wonderful out-of-the-box thinking for me. It has almost been what you may call a blessing in disguise (though I am more OK with saying that now that prices have been dropping)... but it really did give me a new imagination. How could I use nature, resin, cording, paper, copper, brass, beads, etc (instead of silver) and still make my pieces me? I have been using scrap and pieces and parts of wonderful creations that were never fully created and turning them into finalized, fabulous pieces that I'm not even sure I want to sell now. And, though it hurt my pocketbook when I did need to buy it, I am proud of what it has caused me to do and how it has changed the workings of my little brains... but really silver, I have thanked you and i have learned, so now, go back down in the 20's... because I still think you're pretty.