.PR S9.

Project Runway Season 9! EEEK! I am so excited for this. For years now I've admired the courage, creativity, and ability of the contestants on project runway (as well as many other design-contest show contestants). I've always had a creative mind, but it isn't one that works that well with constraints or under pressure. Like, not well at all. Constraints, rules, and deadlines = brainmush.
I noticed a trendy game online last year during season 8, which was to watch the show, take the judges rules and requirements and apply those to the medium that you work in. So for example: design a wearable outfit completely out of paper (then I would have to create a piece of jewelry completely out of paper) rocket science!... good thing you're pretty.
So, this will really help me work on and test that brainmush situation I was telling you about. (It's worrying me right now that my spell check isn't putting a red squiggle, auto-correct line under "brainmush"... Strategery! Opp, nope, it caught that one.
Here goes nothing! Bring it on, season 9!