.the beauty of what exists.

I love nature. We know that already. I love nature even more when I can bring it inside and make it into something that I can wear, and have, and admire day after day. I have been doing this with some leaves for a while now... you remember how I kept promising I'd make them available? Well, you have probably, since then, lost hope. Sometimes I think things will happen faster than they really do... like cooking something in the over after you've always cooked in the microwave. You expect it in 3 minutes, but it's not ready for thirty? The waiting game is painful, but usually oven cooked food tastes better. So, now that you've read more than you wished to, my "oven cooked" goodness is now available to you... well, later tonight or tomorrow morning, because well, I haven't had time to list it yet. Now you really believe in my, don't you?

Resin, real leaves, silver, brass. Smaller and larger leaf have cast twig tops.