.Homespun @ Art Intersection.

I've deprived my body of sleep and fed it pure stress for a good reason. (I can officially say that now because, and only because, the Homespun Art Fair at Art Intersection was a big successss!) If you know me, or fell victim to reading my constant facebook status updaining(updating/complaining?), you know I've been busting my arse on both my jewels and my booth for the past few weeks now... no, not just for Art Intersection, but I needed to start the beginning of my holiday shows off with something positive.

To be honest, even if I didn't sell a single thing today, I would have been happy because I was surrounded by awesome, hilarious, hard working women... and oh the things that come out of your mouth when you're sleep deprived and hungry. It makes for a wonderful time and excellent conversation. I promise.

So, here are a few fun photos of the new booth (yes, I am aware that every booth shot I've shown you is a new one- I just can't settle).

And they all lived happily ever after... until the next big craft show. Oh, that's tomorrow. See you there!