.one million thank yous.

Ok, first things first. I need to thank the weather.. and yes, the weather does get thanked before my supporters, because I have a suspicion that I would have been lonely behind my little table if it were raining or cloudy or if someone had even mentioned that you may have to carry an umbrella. I know I know, you grew up in sunlight and fake looking blue skies without a white puff anywhere to be seen... so you know, those things are called clouds. I understand. 
Seriously though, thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported both me and my crafty friends at Homespun and at the Hullaballo. It was really really such a wonderful weekend and I had a blast hanging out with women like myself.
Thank you to everyone who gave us all such wonderful compliments on both our booths and our products. I know that the other ladies and I all work our asses off on both. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t- what sells and what doesn’t sell… It’s something I think that we will always be working on and adjusting, but those words, the praises, the compliments- they are so inspiring, so helpful, and so reinforcing.
Here are some shots of my two favorite ladies booths that I have done almost every show with. Xappa a.k.a Space Cadet Jewelry and Jennifer Syfu a.k.a. Sigh Foo and Starving Artist Bazaar. Xappa makes wonderful recycled leather cuffs, record earrings, and beautiful custom wedding headpieces and Jennifer makes the cutest little hand-sown plushies from recycled wool sweaters as well as beautiful glass jewelry. 
Xappa's Booth:
Jennifer's Booth:
Jennifer also had a 10 x 10 tent at the Hullabaloo, which I should have taken a picture of- it was really great. 

Here are a few little detail shots of my booth at the Hullabaloo: 

So thank you again and enjoy!