.slowly growing a passion.

Today I was insanely excited to see that my jewelry line was mentioned in a USA Today article on usatoday.com under Bunky Boutique!  It is a great little article/list of businesses and shops in the Phoenix area.
I also have some other super super exciting news. I was going to wait to say anything about it, but since I'm newsing it up right now, I may as well just share it with you. I was contacted last week by the buyer of ASU Art Museum asking me if I was interested in being carried by the Museum Shop, doing a Members only Trunk Show, and being featured. Uhhh...   YES! I am just thrilled thrilled thrilled! I went to a meeting with Natalie on Friday and I can't wait to get my pieces in there! I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful place approach me and want to do business with me and I am even more excited that it is a place that desires one-of-a-kind pieces! Nothing is better than that!