I have been busting my hiney the past few weeks and weekends working on pieces for the trunk show that I will be participating in at ASU Art Museum in February. I've made a lot of my usual pieces, a lot of kites, birds on a wire, "hello" necklaces and enamel earrings... as well as a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces. And yes, like always, I "fell in love." I just get these weird connections to a lot of the things I make.. they're my babies. It's hard to put them up for adoption when I raise them from sheet and wire into little pieces of art. Yeah, I'm crazy. I know.
However! This time I will let go. (My boyfriend says I have to... he wants me to actually make money or something.. lame, right?)
Here are three of my favorites. 
Sterling silver, antler, unakite.
Hollow form ring: sterling silver, tube set CZ
 A bunch of stuff also just went off to the Museum Store. I print, cut and type all of my tags and cards. I just love the look of type writer written things. Go check them out! The museum is free and totally awesome! If you haven't been, you really should check it out.

Have a great Tuesday!