Lately, I have been packing the shelves of Bunky Boutique with all of my might. You may have noticed if you read any of this or follow my business page on facebook. In order to grow my company, I need to make the money to get the things I need to start producing items a little more easily and at a faster pace. Simple business.
It has been fun though. I have really enjoyed making all of these pieces, the "Bunky" necklaces, the earrings that now have a "waiting list," the things I would have never done on my own... it's all so wonderful and I get to be at home every Monday to make it all grow.  The best part? I get to spend the day working around my "kids." My pooches. They're the best company I could ask. My little Indy turns four tomorrow. I think he will get a new homemade dog tag for his big day...after all he is my cutest, fuzziest customer... he never pays his bills though... and then I still have to pick up his poop. That doesn't seem quite right.