In my last post, I used a new word that you may have been confused about. In reference to this previous gem-of-a-post and the word that you should immediately add to your vast vocabulary:
If a job from Webster doesn’t pan out, I’d like to drive a zamboni… or a street sweeper…you know, as a parallel alternative.
In other news, here’s a bad phone picture of me holding a handful of telephone poles. Yay!
Ok, they’re actually crosses, but I’m calling them telephone poles until divided up and turned into single necklaces… it looks sketchy, me holding a ton of tiny little dirty, metal crosses.
Also, I have been trying to convince my friends for years that homeless people make a mess of money, which they also then, do not pay taxes on. Today, on my way to lunch, I found proof.
Example: this one has not only afforded to lower his whip, but he’s shockingly cavalier about the pricy violation of parking in front of, and therefore blocking, a fire hydrant. Money is clearly of no concern. I am clearly correct.

You're welcome. Happy Hump Day.