Yesterday, I was inspired by....myself? Welp, there's a first time for everything, right?

Lately, I have been dressing with the idea that the less it matches, the more it matches. Prints/textures/colors: put them in a blender and mix that shh! Plaid with stripes, floral with polka dots, you know you want to... or not. I'll do it for you. I'll wear it proud and loud. Anyways back to myself ("oh, yay," you say). I was wearing one of my favorite mixes yesterday when I had a lighting bolt of an idea. That idea was followed by inspiration. That inspiration will be followed by execution. And that execution will be followed by you loving it. Promise. Kind of.

Here's the story board, if you will:
Yes, this inspiration epiphany may have taken place in the bathroom of a Barnes and Noble... don't judge me, I can't control when events such as this take place.
Also, I am a huge huge huge fan of Mondo from Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars- obviously due to his amazing ability to mix and match a large variety of printed textiles in one piece.
Holy mother of Frankenstein. So delicious. I would wear every single solitary last thing in this collection. Fact.
Soooo, I am going to turn this said wonderful idea, into a big, bold, crazy, mixed metal, hollow formed, roller printed, etched, riveted fantasticism. New word. Stay tuned or wear a plain white, boring shirt and be overlooked. Your choice.