Yesterday, I went to an art festival in Scottsdale. There was so much beautiful work I could barely even pay attention to one booth at a time. The amount of amazing jewelry artists was... overwhelming. If I didn't already feel self conscious about my work, I sure do now. I don't even know how I have never attended this March festival before, but I know that I will never ever miss it again. I might even have to make myself a special little savings account for it- the art and jewelry was so worth the hundreds the artists wanted. I'm sad I had no other choice but to walk away empty handed. Anyways, it must have inspired me because I had spark to get some things rolling today and I came home to some orders, which is always both uplifting and exciting.
Here is some copper that I etched today. I love how it came out and I can't wait to start working on it. I'm thinking pendant or hollow ring.

I'm never upset about getting bubbles when I lay down my design. I actually prefer them. Imperfections are something, as you know, that I find to be very beautiful.