I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful exhibit and Mesa Arts Center. It is one of many that will be going on and opening night is May 25th from 7:00-10pm. 
Here is a bad picture, sneak peek at what I have submitted for the show. I've been offering a lot of bad photos lately, I realize this. Yes that is a counter top. I know, painful.. but it was a real gem in 1966... supposedly.

Sterling silver, paper, resin, beads.


10 Years of Metals at Mesa Arts Center

Friday, April 20 - Sunday, August 12, 2012

South Gallery

Crucible showcases artwork by current and former faculty, resident artists and guest artists who contributed to the exceptional metals tradition at Mesa Arts Center. Over the last 10 years under the direction of Polly Smith, the Mesa Arts Center metals program has excelled with gifted instructors, diverse workshops as well as a resident artist program that has been a catalyst in launching the careers of several significant artists in the field. The program offers instruction in all areas of metals including jewelry fabrication, casting, enamel, blacksmithing and lapidary.