Oh, hello there pretty face! As another hump day comes to an end (I don't know why I always seem to update on Wednesdays... a sigh of relief that we're over that nasty Monday/Tuesday business I suppose...) I'd like to share what I've been up to... since I obviously haven't been up to adding amazing shhh to my etsy shop, I feel that I need to prove to you that I have in fact been working! I can even show you my to-do list! 
See!!! Orders! Lots! I hope this somewhat makes up for ignoring your minds for the past week or so.
Yes, it is hand written. I hand write almost everything... if I don't, nothing sticks. (Now you understand a little more why my sister has control over my google calendar). If only google would use my handwriting and print it out on a piece of paper for me, but then I guess, what would be the difference? I think I have some deep-down-obnoxious love for my own handwriting... not so much in capital letters though...oh! and pens. I love pens. I generally only use one specific kind of pen, which was not used on the paper in this picture, but that is because I wrote this one up at work. If you try to use one of my "special" pens I will go after you like a chihuahua in heat. Angry, nasty, nappy little, snaggle tooth chihuahua. (I can see my dads face as he reads this right now. I know your laughing, dad... plus if there is a reason I'm like this, you made me. Fault averted). Those lovely pens and their precious skinny black ink. Oh, the beauty.
Moving on.
Can you tell me these didn't come out awesome? Little, silver, drippy deliciousnesses. That's a word, right? ...Makin' Dad prouder by the minute!
Holy Heavens Batman, it's finished! ...and oh, darn, it only fits me. What a shame. A crying shame. Shucks. 
You can have these though, if you'd like?
Copper feather, sterling silver earwires and chains, garnet, coral, and turquoise... How did I fit so much into to one tiny, horrible picture!? Skill, my dear. Do not try this at home. This photograph was taken by a certified(lazy) and skilled(lazy) professional.  
 Or you could have, twala, these babies! So big, so light weight. 

Ooooooor option "C," get it? Hehehar. BUT, if you are a "C," as in the initial... not like the scale of your personality or looks or humor or any mean rating system humans use on other humans... mainly by the male gender (a-hum, yes you, jerks) this is for you!
Vintage "C" scrabble tile cut into a heart, brass rivet, copper backing, sterling silver setting and chain and rutilated quartz. So much stuff! Like those mashed potato bowls at KFC...I don't know, first thing that pops into my head usually gets put down. Nottt allllways the best strategy. 
I'm going with "lily pad ring" for this next one... honestly, I don't know what else it looks like. Sterling silver, black onyx, and shine up the mother freaking wazoo! Wazoo is seriously a real word? My computer didn't red underline it. If wazoo is a real word then there is no reason deliciousnesses shouldn't be. Outrage.
Ah, and one last look at it on the hand. I do suppose if you have a better name you should suggest it my way.
As always, thank you so much for your time, the energy you need to have to put up with my horrid jokes, made up English, and shoddy photographs. I do appreciate you ever so much. Come back soon!