There's a lot going on in my tiny little studio... New tools are in abundance right now and I couldn't be more excited. Now where to put them? I am left to reconfigure things yet again...ugh.
BUT, with new tools come new techniques and with new techniques come new THINGS and with new things comes a whole lot tons and gallons and buckets of happiness on my little face.... annnnnnd possibly a boyfriend, to said happy faced girl, being a little disturbed about the new mess and the obnoxious new sounds that said tools from said mess may create. Said. I'm a professional, don't question it.

First off, I saw this today and, yes.
Secondly, what can you do with great sale items at your local craft stores?
Only the most amazing things ever! "Ribbon organizer box..." (most stupid thing I have ever heard of). Drill, drill, nail, screw, hammer, hammer, WHAM! On to the wall little chain spool organizer holder!..(most awesome thing I've ever heard of). Yes, my calendar is still in 2011. Yes, my sister WILL kill me when she sees this. Yes, I may have a problem with due dates, deadlines, and demands sometimes... but that's why she is now a "shared admin" of my google calendar. Sad, but true.
Look at it in all of its glory! This little puppy was waiting for me on my door step when I got home. Oh the deliciousness of PEPE tools. This thing is a time, pain, and annoyance saver.
4. With waiting tool... another tool!
I heard angles singing once I opened that 6th box. No, that is no joke. It was like a present(1) inside of a present(2) inside of a present(3) inside of a present(4) inside of a present(5) inside of a present(6). It was kind of exciting... and all so logical once I went to lift it out and my poor, dusty old back creaked just lifting it a few feet to the table. Heavy as can be and even through six boxes, the bottom of the outermost box sagged like boys jeans in the 90s.
Moving on to number five:
This particular tumbler really isn't new, but I did acquire a second, used one, from work the other day. It was "noisy" and supposedly unable to be fixed.... "wrong!" she said with a grin. My grandfather is Wilfried freaking Weber, you really think I don't know how to fix things? Psh. Done. Hm, I'm usually not this modest.