Mother's Day. It's almost here. You're procrastinating.  
Mother's day + almost here + you procrastinating = me.
What, you didn't know I was a mathematician? (You have no idea how hard it was to type that, even though it was just for a joke.) I see a mathematical equation and I go blind. I also just vomited a tiny bit.
Back to your mother problems. She wants a present, probably a card too (greedy). I can help you with that... maybe, well, only if your mother has wonderful taste in handmade goodness. See what I did? Now you have to go with me. If you don't, you're saying your mother has bad taste. You can't say that. It's almost Mother's Day, you're supposed to celebrate her not tell her she wears shitty shit.

Now that you're hooked:
There was the thought. You know, those trashy, yet wonderful, ode to my mother, Mom ribbon heart tattoos? That's what I was thinking about.
Now it is on its way to life. I like it.
How about some great snarky copper mom hearts? I think that needs to happen next.

These and other great Mother's Day items will be available in both my online shop and in the very lovely Bunky Boutique. Stay tuned.