Stuff. Workin' on stuff. Taking pretty bad pictures of stuff. All so that I can show you the stuff.

Who doesn't think the design of the 1950's was phenomenal? If you didn't, you're wrong.
1950's fabulous.

These crappy phone/computer pictures look vintage too! Ha. See how good I am at turning my laziness into something that seemed so purposeful? I practice.

Having fun showing off all the rings I'm working on or have made lately. I actually really like the concept of this photo... I think I need one in high quality with a nice background.. my stupid blog cuts half the picture off making it less attractive to you viewers, but I swear it's good.

The middle finger is overrated. Who, on this green earth, ever decided that it was the "bad finger?" Give me a freaking break, it's a finger, move to Japan and it doesn't mean a thing. But hey, I'm still going to take advantage of our dumb social assignment to this finger to show off this new little brass and sterling ring. If you're offended, close your eyes...or just scroll past it. Magic!

In progress, dainty little "Y" necklace. If you don't understand why they are called "Y" necklaces, well... that would just be sad and pathetic and I refuse to explain it to you. This puppy will get some cute little glittery hangy stones and stuff. More stuff. Mmm, I know, you cant get over the unbelievable quality of this photo. Me neither.

I'm not really following the trend right now with these last two pieces, but guess what? Whooooo cares! This little necklace will get it's silver chains blackened and I think it's a pretty hot little piece. Sassy, different, awesome.
Happy Tuesday.
OH! One more thing. My new favorite line of advice that goes along with accepting yourself, your imperfections, your own way:   Love your weird. We all should. Each and everyday you should appreciate your weird. It looks good on you.

Some custom, "love your weird" pieces coming to my shop soon! :)