Today, I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I had a pretty intense workout at the gym yesterday after work, came home to stay up and get some stuff done for some of my carriers, couldn't sleep because big beast girl was upset that she couldn't sleep because she was hot, woke up early to drive Austin to work, which was actually pretty fun and entertaining... that way people act when they're delirious... back home to get ready and finish wrapping up some boutique orders and now I am at work. Thank God for Fridays and extra large coffees. 
I realize in the past few months I have worried and worked myself to death. I am really working hard for against the grain to become everything that I want it to be, and the thought of opening a store is still lingering somewhere up there. Obviously, that's just how dreams and futures come true (hard work). Somewhere along the way I feel like I have grown a bit stiff. I think the business woman side of me has taken the reins a little more than it used to. I am much more frank and I have a lot less mercy.
I kind of feel my friendships have become the same way too though. There is hardly anything I value more than my friends and the connection and love that I share with them. Age has made me realize that communication is key. That if you are honest (honest does not have to = brutal/mean/harsh) your friendships will go a lot further. People make friends because they feel the need for connection, to give to others, to vent, to find similarities that make them feel more normal... whatever the case may be, if you are not honest, open, and trusting with your friends, you really don't have much. Communication and honestly is your foundation. (I don't know when I started all this deep thinking stuff on here... just stay with me for now if you will- this too shall pass). With that being said- there are 7 billion people on the planet... do you really think you need to keep around one? What I mean is why do we let people hurt us? Allow them to make us question who we are? Put up with lies and bullshit? There are 7 billion other possible friends out there, one's bound to be a better catch. I have been stating lately that I usually do not burn bridges, I just stop walking over them. I'll be accessible on the other side, but friendship is a two way street. The minute I'm doing all of the walking is the minute I state the problem and wait out the storm.
I don't have the time. I don't have the energy. And quite frankly, I don't need you (and you don't need me.) You're so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you. (This blog is not about anyone- this blog just is).
Moving on! You're here for the jewels! I don't have anything too super fabulous to show off... but these are two little pieces that are traveling on over to Bunky at the moment.
 I love these red itty bitty bitty (you can't tell, but they are) seed beads and this tiny little labradorite attached asymmetrically on the chain in the second picture. I love signatures in jewelry... super simple ones. I think I will start doing this little tiny off set stone more often on my chains.
Have you ever wondered how nacho cheese stays soft and runny? That's kind of terrifying. The chemicals it takes to keep it that way, beautiful in all of its shiny, orange glory. Hm... Probably should stop drinking that every night after dinner.