Today I found out that I wont be working tomorrow. Everyone always tells me how lucky I am that I don't work Mondays, and I am, but it can get boring. Everyone else works Mondays.. but here is the secret... I actually do work Mondays.  Apparently in the brains of every single person I know, me working for myself, from home, doesn't equal working... and then when I tell them it is work they say yeah, but not really, because you like it. Soooo, I guess I still lose. 

That's ok though, I enjoy my time. I enjoy being alone, just me and my lazy dogs. Summer in this house is kicking our asses and we do a lot of laying around just trying to build up the next burst of energy to get something done. I wrote up a to-do list and put it on my fridge last night. I thought it would help me get things done. It's 10:14 and I have completed a total of 0 things on that list. Winning.

I had a good weekend. 27 is here and I can't do anything about it. 

Austin and I went to Picacho Peak this weekend and met my sister and her husband there. It was hot, but it was exciting. Something different. A tiny, mini road trip just to get sweaty and tired and feel like we accomplished something. It was successful.

You can see forever once you get up there. The sky was kind of dirty and yucky. As were we.
I tried to feed a peanut to a chipmunk. He was smart. Why come up to a super large human being when there's random, previously spilled food, all over the place?
It's time to make some crap out of metal.
The spacing between my pictures is all messed up and I have to get out of here before it makes me insane.