Well, I was battling fevers all day today, but things needed to get done... I was going to try and make some kind of joke comparing the heat of my bench to the heat of my fevers, but I didn't. Make one up for yourself.
Yeah, I'm feeling a little crabby. Sick + sleepy = not the best mood. (All this math I'm doing here lately... I wonder if that's why I'm sick?  Math + Ashley = ...(carry the 2... subtract 4)...  Sick! It makes a world of sense now. How could I be so blind? Oh, that's right, the math.
One more little piece of math here for you... Here's one hundred and five lovely images to gander at.
Did you know that gander is actually a slang term? ...and that a gander is actually a male goose? I don't think you did.  #1 Teacher Award.

Ok ok, 105 minus the one hundred. Made ya count.
So here's kind of a little skim off the top of my bench. I'm really diggin' on the first one (the necklace). It really looks kinda sheissy (it's genglish) in photos, but in person it is just so light, delicate, and simple.
I think I am in a simple phase. Maybe it is because of all my recent realizations.. my quarter life crises, or I'm possibly being lazy and mislabeling it as simplicity. Clever, right?
The countdown continues. May 11th. The day my bones turn to dust, my eyes fall deep and dark back into their sockets, and my muscles get sore from a trip to the grocery store to pick up my depends. Oh 27, how terrifying you are.
Though I don't have much of a life plan, I do have a plan for when I'm 80... Optimistic. 
When I am somewhere in the 80 range I am going to get a full sleeve tattoo. I dream of tattoos almost everyday.  I don't see the hurt in them. Whats the difference? What is their really to regret? A tattoo doesn't make nor break you, shit I'm more worried about those girls that wear ugg boots with cut-off jean shorts. What are they thinking? Poor confused idiots. Is it summer? Is it winter? Or do you just have terrible circulation? This is my plan unless my dad otherwise thinks about the idea, realizes it's what I want, and accepts the fact that this is just something that I love... has this helped my case at all? Dad? Hello?
Darn it. Yup, 4 days away from 27 and still afraid of what my parents think. I must have been raised right or something.