Collections are weird. That's all there is to it. The amazing thing is, collections show us how different we all are. What we care about. What others don't. What helps us feel like we have some sort of purpose. How do we end up so fascinated with things? I think it not only has to do with intrigue, but I think it has to do with general human loneliness.
I can see you questioning that sentence right now... "What? I'm not lonely! I collect dead bugs because they're beautiful and they're science." ...I bet your dead bug collection has nothing to do with some kind of inner connection, that if someone stole all those dead bugs you wouldn't be upset, right? I mean, the world is filled with them, go find some more.
People cling to things. Don't worry, you don't need to get defensive. It's a fact. We cling to material possessions, to religion, to locations...yes, even to dead bugs. These things keep us from feeling like the mirco-sized specs, that in reality, we all are. They help with the human need of fulfillment.  You complete me, dead buggy.
The human need to feel complete is a whole other story. All of us, out in the world, searching... pretty much all searching for that same feeling. Craziness.

Anyways, besides weird vintage things,  art, shoes, little tiny trinkets, and mid century furniture, I like to say that I collect skills.
In my perfect dream world, my mind- where I am queen of everything, where I am looked to for being not only insanely good looking, but filled with more brains and ideas than anyone could ever imagine, I am super-power knowledgeable of all things skilly.  I can underwater weld, blacksmith, metalsmith, build houses, lay piping for pools, catch fish the size of horses,  build anything. In my perfect dream world I am a renaissance-man...a-hem, woman. Maybe, I need to know how to spell renaissance first. (I just spelled it wrong there again while typing it off of the first auto-corrected one, yikes.) Dumb word.
Anyways, new skill being currently collected? Bronze clay. PMC. I have to say, as much as I am against it, the shh* comes in handy. I didn't know if I would love it or hate it. The only way to answer that question was to do it and stop wondering. Though, as of right now, I'm still not sure.

Lookie, I maked you a picture. :)

Happy over-the-hump day!