Welp, I'm back from an absolutely amazing trip to Carlsbad. The weather was phenomenal, the house we stayed in couldn't have been better (well, maybe minus the fact that the wall of our bedroom was a curtain- my only complaint, which is hardly one at all since I stayed the week with my boyfriend and family... this is a lot more info than I think ( ) were made for), and our little doggies were happy as clams in the lush green grass of the perfect little yard. One morning they greeted us good morning covered in cat poop. Yes, trip of their lives. Oh, my sisters only complaint was that there was no cutting board. Do you know how obnoxious it is to not have a cutting board when your main source of food is veggies? If not, it is very annoying... like an 8 on the annoying scale.

Have you ever taken a picture of a fake butterfly? What about a dead one glued to a stick? I have. Two times on this trip to be exact. Three if you count the third one I took as a joke. The first two were not jokes. The first two were out of stupidity and deception.

I came home to a handful of orders. Big, fat, yummy, custom orders that I am still working away on. Twelve of them got to the finishing stage yesterday after two bloody thumbs and a throbbing headache. I am on to new and better things in my studio. Flush set stones, 14k gold, and keum boo. Click on those little linky poo's if you don't know what those are.

I came home to my studio looking a little crazy.
I'm telling my self that a troll, or garden gnomes, or some sort of small scale bench pirate came in like a hurricane, while I was gone, and had some kind of war of the species. These kind of impossible stories help me feel better about that fact that I like working in chaos. See that little spot I circled? Yeah, that spot is my main squeeze.
I saved this photo as, "crazybench.jpg"  ...it probably should have been saved as "absolutelynormaleverydaybench.jpg"
I need to stop lying to myself. I'm not fooling me anymore.

Anyways... my customs include stacking, "off beat" wedding bands, bradesmaid gift bangles, a family tree pendant, and a whole lotta random goods for some of my local boutiques. I'm really excited about them- not only because people are trusting in me to deliver, but because I am teaching myself new skills as I progress through these projects.

Sound the trumpets.
I am feeling high on my little bench horse right now... but my horse is a unicorn... no wait... a pegasus. Those are more awesome, right?