The first thing that I think of when I hear the word tension...
I was in a bad accident when I was in college, leaving me with a lot of neck problems (still today)... it forced me to go to physical therapy and get trigger point injections in my neck. My physical therapist said, "I have never met a young person who carries so much stress." (This was as he was doing magical things to my back and neck with some weird little tool and man-hand strength.)
That made me think. All of those whispered secrets our bodies keep. Those things that only someone like a doctor, therapist, someone who knows the body can find. The things we hide from others with a smile and a hammer.
He wasn't even able to completely help me because he said I was such a disaster. This is what lead to the trigger point. If you don't know what trigger point is, be thankful. It's a sad face experience that started out with my doctor saying, "Ok, you may pass out, but don't be afraid, I won't let you fall." Perfect. Can't wait. Shoot me up Doc.
This ring is a symbol. My first tension setting. A tiny white sapphire in a long vertebrae.  A tiny whispered secret of the soul.
I used to be funny here on this blog. I need to go to a circus or something.