First thought that comes to mind? Best hands and nails of the year by Allure Magazine, I know honey, I was thinking the same thing. Don't be jealous, it's unattractive.
Hey, I do it all for you. The black, the cuts, the blood, the blisters... then you just put on the finished product, and walla, beautimous! All manicured and sparkly... Now I'm jealous.
I like these stacking bands... you get the fun stacking look without any worry of losing a band. Clark proof! Wait, what's that mean?

Quick lesson.
My mother is a Clark. Her sisters are Clarks. Their mother is a Clark.
Definition of a Clark: A person who can and will break any and everything they touch. After touching an object, there is a 98% chance that that object will then, disappear off of the face of the earth. As of yet, there is no cure.

Luckily, as of lately, Clarkitis skips a generation. Phew.