Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you don't even know how you feel?
It's like rapid manic states of happiness, sadness, irritation. It's weird. Make up your mind, brain! It's almost like when you hear a bird singing while you're working (or trying to go to sleep)... at first you're like oh, that cute happy little bird, singing outside... loving life... how joyous... and 5 minutes later it's like SHUT THE EF UP, MR. HAPPY PANTS, YOU'RE MAKING ME CRAZY! Haha, no? Am I the only one? There's no way.

Just as a viewer of my work, you may notice that I have a lot of issues with cohesion. My reason? I claim it's because I like everything. Natural, modern, simple, complex with a ton of tiny components, bold colors, oxidized, bright.... blah blah blah. I don't want to have to choose! I like that I like everything. There's nothing wrong with being an easy please. That's how I describe myself, easily pleased... even though I don't always think it's as true as I'd like it to be.

Nature calls to me though. Natural jewelry is so amazing...so organic and flowing. Nothing is more beautiful to me.  I don't know what it is but I think it means that that is where I belong. Follow the things that make your heart sing, right?

In Sedona this weekend I found a large amount of amazingly preserved leaf skeletons. I couldn't help but pick a few up and throw them in a doggy poo poo baggy. I should have grabbed more. I'm shocked I was able to get it to work, but I am so in love with it, with being able to hold it without fragile hands, though I catch myself still doing it. Inner beauty has always meant so much more to me.

The stacking wedding bands custom order is finally finished (I hope), assuming the the lovely Christy Brown of Vail, Colorado likes them. She wanted 4 fun rings to stack around her wedding band- something different, something artistic. I love it. Her job is very hands on and she is a rockin' snowboarder, so I had to make more muted, comfortable, flat style rings (which is difficult when you want to make something funky and artsy), but I think it worked out.

Whatever she doesn't take, will be sent back, and put up on my etsy... or I'll wear forever... they made my fingers so happy.

More natural. Duh, that's what this post is about. Another cool thing about doing natural/nature jewelry is that it can be actual pieces of nature, super literal translations (like that above), or just something hammered and inspired. So many choices. So many beautiful things. This ones sterling (a mix of polished, brushed, and oxidized- with a handmade chain.

I feel like my jewelry directly reflects my mood at the time that I am making it. I have been craving simplicity. I do not wish to live a life of drama, of having to justify myself, my actions, or my feelings. I do not want fights, feuds, or questioning. I live for myself these days. That may sound selfish, but wasn't I made to live a life? My life? I never live with ill intentions- no action is performed to hurt another and none ever will be. If I have, it was an accident. I screw up, so do you.
Sorry, random heart rant.

Please enjoy, lovelies. I appreciate your weird, you should too.