Have you ever thought about how loud the world would be if we could all only think out loud? I'd say we'd probably all be in some kind of mental institution, but then, even the mental institution peoples would be in there with us.
Disaster... one Freudian slip after the next... "No, your new hair cut looks great, really!!...(inner thought) :: if the definition of great is horrible, and the only hair sylist in town is an ill tempered ape with two left hands. ::
"Fat!? You couldn't look fat if you tried!"... :: if it were opposite day ::

 I promise my thoughts are never that mean, this is purely for humor.    
 Shall we...

"YES, I really want to know your opinion on my current relationship status..." :: man my nails are dirty... why am I so bloated? Ugh I can't hear what she's saying to me over that gigantic, disgusting mole on her face. Look at it, that mole could kill somebody... aaaaghhhh shut up so I can stop pretending to listennnnn ::

Looks like I'm on my way to county!

Aw common, we know even the kindest of humans have some shitty thoughts in there. You think the second grade art teacher and the librarian don't get together after work for cocktails and a game of, "which kid am I going to punch and lose my job over"....? Truth be told, only you think your 6 year old is a phenomenal artistic angel worthy of the refrigerator.

Reality says hello, hola, c'kemi, saluton. Welcome to Ashley's emporium of burst bubbles and shattered dreams. Stay a while, there's a point or reason here, somewhere.

Static makes me think of my grandfather...it also makes me think of Rush Limbaugh and Halls cough drops, but those aren't relevant here.
If the static noise of our revealed thoughts could be seen, what would it look like? That's what I'm getting at here. The mention of my grandfather is the emotional relationship that makes me want to explore that. The rage I had in my head as a five year old in a musty Mercedes with walls of nicotine and sounds that could, in my tiny, neurotic mind, only exist in the bowels of hell... but the love and admiration that kept my mouth silent and our relationship strong.

No one but my family will probably understand this. I'm an artist, we're all a little fruit loops.

Have a wonderful weekend, stay vibrant.