I forgot that I promised to post some Kevin Potter photos from his recent demo at the art center. The demo was totally awesome, Kevin is a hoot, and his tools are juicy and delicious... I mean, just beautiful.
Kevin showed us his 2-ton hydraulic press, his pancake dies, stakes, leather sand bags, and handmade saws. He also, so kindly, left the center with all of the dies that he brought with him. (By the way, Kevin is from Tucson, so I feel super cool saying he's an Arizona local tool maker...because that's neat.)

Kevin didn't do the engraving, but isn't it beautiful? He got it done as a trade at SNAG. This work took 4 hours of hand engraving, and would usually cost about $300 an inch. Freaking crazy. Freaking beautiful.

This weekend, along with a million other things, I attended the Keum Boo workshop, also at Mesa Art Center-- the one that I told you all I was going to withdraw from. I'm glad I didn't. I got see a whole group of wonderful friends that I haven't seen in so long (because I haven't been taking classes), I learned a LOT as we tested different ideas, that according to the books aren't possible- (i love proving all the "rules" wrong), and I got to use the art centers amazing collection of tools, which is always a good time.

The lovely Ms. Ingrid. Ingrid has been my teacher for my last two classes. She's a fun, laid back instructor, who not only brings with her great knowledge, but a technique, not project, focused teaching style. That's my kinda shh*.

Here's one of the projects I "finished" (not really) in class.

I'm thinking some cool, long square-bar dangles that will hang behind, and longer than, the fronts, pinned up with garnet. Yum, right? Yes, very yum.