I spent my morning getting my shh* together. A trip to Plastifab, Industrial Metal Supply, Tempe Sales, annnnnd maybe a quick loop around the Alemeda/College neighborhoods... a little 1950's immersion only ever helped a young designer. Actually, I thought a lot about that as I ventured from one fabulous ranch home to the next. Steel and stone. Greys and yellows. Bauhaus style street numbers. How sad it is to go from the fabulous 50's around the corner to 1966 (the year of my rental). The feeling is comparable to seeing someone take a, less than sharp, non-serrated knife to a tomato. You just don't do that! The cuts are ugly, the tomato squishes, you have to puncture the skin with the tip of the knife just to start cutting, and then you saw like a lumber jack to get through to the next side... and just, why, why would you!?  I mean, do you think Frank Lloyd Wright would ever hang a disco ball in the Darwin Martin?.. though that was the 40's, you understand my point, I am sure.

Anyways, all of this work is so that I can apply for the Scottsdale Artfest and Tempe show that we have here in November. I only have a few weeks left, and I am further than I am close in being ready. Fingers crossed.

Time to continue with this productive day here in the hot hot hot hot desert.
After all, Monday is the best day of the week, said no one... ever.