It's an early morning and I'm already feeling the sun and heat pulling at my motivation. It's so hard to function when your mind an body want you to avoid what it is you need to do. Our trip to Tucson was successful, and I managed to grab my beautiful sister for a minute to take a few shots of her wearing my new keum boo twig necklace. Then, played around with them in photoshop and illustrator. I've been trying to put more effort into my listings, it's hard work. Kudos to those who have beautifully edited Etsy photos with illustrations and backgrounds and words and colors... I'm not sure I could ever keep up, and if I could- I'm not sure I would have the patience.

From outside to chevron! How does she do it!!!?? Ok, it's not that exciting, nor do I believe this necklace to be boho chic the chic got dropped faster than a new baby being held by an only child. That sounds horrible, but that's why I am the way I am today. Thanks sis, I was supposed to be a brain surgeon.

Still trying to figure out how I like it. Its kind of all just white vomit right now ...with time.

Bands bands bands. Lots of experimenting going on over here.... none of these are "finished," but I'm anxious to post them.

Lots of firsts going on over here all in one week. First keum boo-ing (!?), first tension set, first stone setting in the end of a wire... I'm sure this means nothing to you- so just know, I'm trying and learning as I go. That's the best I can do. None are perfect, but all are. That's the important part. 

I need to pour some coffee in my brain. 

Have a lovely Monday.