Oh hello, Sunshines.

I'm in a super awesome mood today, as last night I was super successful in my super new favorite medium, Keum Boo. That's a lot of supers... as it should be.

I wish I felt the need to say super that much everyday. How super would that be?

Super, lets continue.

I have been talking a lot about Keum Boo here on my page as of late, and I hope you took a minute out of your lovely days to look at, and possibly read about this lovely ancient Korean art. 

If you haven't, I'm not surprised. Not to call you lazy... just... busy.  :)

Let us check out the reason for my repetitive use of vocabulary.

You knew I'd make you a lovely picture, right? Now my supers have turned into lovelies.


1/2.   BING! (sound of light bulb idea going off in your head.)
1.      Draw pattern and saw out earring shape.
2.      Pierce leaf/twiggy design. (or whatever it is you do.)
3.      Depletion Gild. (this is the heating and pickling of sterling silver, burning off the copper and bringing the fine silver to the surface of your piece. The reason? 24k gold will only fuse to fine silver. Repeat step three 3-10 times.)
4.     Clean your piece and place on hot plate @ 350-400 degrees.
5.     Lay your gold onto your piece and burnish the shh* outta that b**.
6.     Apply your patina and finish to your liking.
7.     Wipe the sweat from your forehead, you're done!

oh wait... 8. convince someone that they're worth their price tag... (which clearly, they are.)

Consider yourself taught. That'll be $107. You can paypal me.  ;)

Come back soon!- I will be blogging about the demo at MAC by Kevin Potter. You'll want to see it.