Part of my ring-a-day challenge. Also, a fun little dealio done in photoshop to make my photo look like it was taped up on my blog wall... you probably think that means that I have too much time on my hands... wrong, it means that during any, and every, break I take, I work on something else. That's still a break.. right? I guess as long as you don't compare it to one of my boyfriends "breaks," which is usually longer than what it was he was taking a break from and includes a whole lot of slumped over sitting on the couch and high levels of weird grunts...and as my dad would always call it when we were kids, unnecessary noises.
I used to hate when he said that. Now I say it about 10 times a week... if not more.
Are people only afraid of turning into their mothers... or their fathers also? Or are you only supposed to be worried about that parent which matches your gender? Or just the one that drives you the most crazy? In any case, I'd be honored. My dad comes with heart, compassion, love, wit, and well, I'll leave out the obsessive coffee stirring, stories with every single teeny tiny itty bitty detail included, an obsessions for cooking (extremely delicious) omelets, and a big forehead.... wait crap, is that why that guy called me a "fivehead?" Shhh*it.

Rings are pretty. Lets transition backwards, forwardly.

For some reason, right after I added this picture, I started humming circus music. It's clearly imperative I let you know this.

Is everyone maniacal on Monday's? Oh wait, yes.  < a-hem, that's a link.

Man, that song reminds me of tasteless, geometric textile clothing and overly crimped, sideways ponytails held perfectly in place by a scrunchie. It seems sometimes our species takes six steps backwards for every one step forward.