Good news Good news good neeewws!

Happy Saturday Lovies! I'm here, excited and spunky, and wanting to share my good news week with you all.

This week I found out that I was juried into Artfest of Scottsdale! Wooo! I opened the email and started crying after the word, "Congratulations!" ...and then almost died on the floor. This show means so much to me... opening a letter that opens with such a wonderful word, and invitation means so much to me. Many of you may not know my history with acceptance letters, but lets just say the "Congratulations" vs. "We regret to inform you," score is not in my favor.

I have worked so hard for this, tears falling and knuckles bleeding fought for this. I want nothing more than to grow this business. To share and give and show who I am and what I love. To be successful at something that you love has to be the best feeling in the world. (I can say this because I have never birthed a child, I don't own a house, nor have I ever won the lottery... or even Bingo for that matter.) Ignorance is bliss... let the sun shine on!

I made a fun little poster, now you really wanna go, right? Thought so. November 17 & 18. See you there!

Second set of good news?

I finally had my in-studio, personal space interview with Phoenix New Times this morning.  Mary was a doll and it was so fun to share my passion and all my crazy funky treasures with other people... though it kind of made me realize the weird stuff I have hanging out with me in my little space (besides just Indy and his fuzz). That article should be out next week... yes, Indy will be making an appearance.

Yay happy news!!

xox sweet weekend, stay vibrant!