It's interesting how ideas happen. How we think of things in our minds and can follow them out through our fingertips. What moves us and what makes us. How we decide what to create and how hand follows eye. I know I said that my next post would be concerning the Colorado wedding that I had just attended, but I found more fancy-pants photos that I had taken at the Art Center, and figured that I would share those tonight since I still haven't received any from the wedding.. a-hem, dad... Yeah, I'm waiting on you.

It's storming outside tonight. The kind of weather that makes me feel extra dialed in, more creative, move alive. Hearing the wind through the trees and knowing that the noise is 1000 tiny leaves clashing and clanging and whisping (apparently not a word, but should be) against one another. It almost sounds as if they're whispering... their little leaf voices singing in the breeze... enjoying the cool air of the storm and a break from a silent and static 110 degree day of desert life.  The twigs and branches whip them around as if they're riding horse back and its all they can do but rejoice. Do you ever think of nature that way? I know it's silly, but it's almost a poem to me. Almost as if I could go out and lay in the grass right now, under that big tree, and speak to them like they have something to tell me. There's something so true about what the leaves say. Something so calming and true.

I felt really lonely today. Sometimes I do... I'm sure it happens to the best of us. Once again faced by things so humbling that I realize what I am. A tiny speck. A small creature roaming a gigantic and ancient planet... one not made for me, one that never intended for my footstep upon its soil or my breath entangled in its air- how funny it is that it can support us all- floating there in the abyss of space, spinning it's life... How can one help not to feel the loneliness of our diminutive actuality every once in a heartbeat when it is but true reality?

I continue to wonder.

And then I'm left questioning, with all of the scenarios, the differences, the possibilities of all that's attainable, accessible, achievable... with all of that, how are we left, so often, like another? How do some of us never find our way? Is it the fear of the amount of options? The need to prance with our heads held high to show others who we can be even if it is not true to our hearts? Are we tied to the change in our pockets and the shoes on our feet?

I've wandered.
If you've followed, let me stop here. Lets keep it simple tonight.

You are here. You are alive. You are vibrant. Stay vibrant. Use your time. Be here now... if you have a moment please share your thoughts with me in a comment. I'd really love to hear from you. 

My apologizes for these photos being off centered. Sometimes this blog-space just doesn't feel the love.