Some days there is an extreme pull at my heart and my mind. A pulling in my soul that makes me feel like I'm being wound in from a string in my chest and I float towards a feeling. A need to be something more, something magnificent. Something like what you see in the movies where a character is doing something great, the sun is glaring some sort of beautiful dotted ray in your eyes, and they're putting their life towards something meaningful. Do you know what I mean? You want to be terrific and empowering, strong and resourceful. You want to heal or mend or just bring a thousand lighted smiles to the faces of those which usually only hold struggle.

Life has so many facets, it's hard to chose where to shine. Which surface to bounce your light off of... where to fall.

I am so thankful for the family that I have, for my health, for the ability to choose and do whatever it is that I really want. I'm thankful for the land I was born to and the opportunity that it offers. I'm thankful for the love this life has shown me and possibilities of its power, but I feel like I need to shine my grateful onto something else..for someone else.

When you speak the truth, your words are weightless. (Just a thought. I think all the political mumbo jumbo is making me invest time in discovering the truth about truth.)

Anywaaaaays, my moo business cards showed up yesterday. I love moo. It's such a terrific site, the options are endless, and the quality is the best I've found, hands down. Also, they're fun. Their packaging is so lighthearted and silly. They have fun little directions all over the place, and your business cards show up amazingly packaged in hard cardboard boxes with little file folders for storing and trading. Moo knows what the hell their doing. Moo loves their customers, therefore moo customers love moo too. Moo? Too much moo? I thought so moo.

Take a looksie, these especially craptastic photos are just for you.

These babies are silky and super super thick.

There is one thing I need to mention that I hate. And this is sticky-hand business card collectors. The sticky-handers are the ones at the show who are in what I call birdie mode. Birds love shiny things. They need them... were talking fatal attraction need here. This is how sticky-handers are. They see that cute business card, forget that I, the artist, actually paid for each glimmering, inky, paper stock beauty and they snatch them up, booth by freaking booth. No intentions for use. No intention at all. PLEASE! Please just at least use it to scrape the pigeon crap from your window or some dirt off the floor. They work great to stabilize an unbalanced table on a non-level wood floor. At least give taking my cards some kind of purpose!! ANY!  .... or.... oh, here's an idea, (there's no way to even say this nicely) leave them the eff alone!