My mom does awesome things for me... like collect rocks, twigs, leaves, and other crazy parts of nature for my jewelery needs. Most of the plants in our area are all the same, and we don't get the pretty leaf color changes of fall (I know, that seems unimaginable, doesn't it?) It's painful considering fall is my favorite time of year. The crisp air and the leaves singing of their life in various shades of squash and pumpkin.. sweaters and cozy boots, crackling fires... sigh.

This time, she brought me back a whole bag of river rocks from her trip to Canada and I've just started to make my way through them.

Unfortunately, I still  haven't found the charger for my camera, so you are all the winners of yet another terrible camera phone picture. Yay, congrats!


...and just like that, there you have it. I'm so giving. Go me.

I really wish I could get a better shot... there's so much more to it than what you see here.

This piece just makes me so happy. The colors, the earthiness, the weight of the stone. It all feels so balanced. I promise I'll share a clear picture when I can.

Happy kind of beginning of your week. Can you believe it's almost October?