I met with a friend (who has been in a little bit of a funk lately) of mine last night for dinner. At the end of our meeting, I told her that I had a plan. That plan was that we have to text each other each morning before work, no later than an hour in, and tell each other something positive. Doesn't matter what it is, just has to be something good... Today, my positive was that the mornings are cooling off and it would soon be possible to walk the dogs and ride bikes in the morning. As you may know, Indy, my chorkie, looooves bike rides. He will do anything to go on a bike ride. I taught him this past winter to run next to it, but he's not really the sporty type. I know when he's down there running that he's yearning for the basket or my backpack... packed in tight, relaxed, smelling all the goods and bads and inbetweens. It's one of his favorites, and it's my favorite that it's his favorite.

I've decided I need to start a retail card line of them. They're just a riot together- one big huge sweetheart- one tiny fluffy who-gives-a-crap-about-anyone-but-my-mommy. Photogenic things they are... though it is hard to get Frankie's, I'm a big sad puppy eyes, off when you want her to look happy... how am I gunna use that? Sorry you're so ugly cards? Look how sad this dog is that you're so painful to look at? Look how bad she feels for how fat you are?  ..oh, happy late birthday? Yeah, that'll work.

Oh, look! Shockerrr! Frankie looks like she just got threatened with never getting another cookie ever again! Big news! Ok, I don't know what else to tell you about my day or now or anything of any importance.  However, it is my Friday- which means I'll be in my own studio all day tomorrow! Woohoo!

Happy almost, but not quite, your Friday.